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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shedninja dogbrush

   <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>                 This deshedding brush is pretty amazing. My animals no longer run away from me when it's time to be brushed. One side of it almost seems  to message them making them super relaxed and asking to be brushed some more. The other side removes all the loose fur, leaving their coats nice and shiny. This brush is soft and will not hurt you or your pet unlike most dog or cat brushes which are super prickly so you don't have to worry about your kids, pets or yourself getting pricked by it. I definitely recommend this brush. It's the only brush we use now. Even the large brush is gentle enough to use on a cat and he or she will be purring while you brush them or at least mine was. They used to cringe when it was time to be brushed and now they come running wagging their tails waiting to be brushed. I received this in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own.   This brush truly is amazing!      <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>

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